Get the 4-Step process that shows you exactly how to ace your work-health balance in less than two hours. 

  • By a five-time open heart surgery survivor
  • For every work and health situation
  • Save your career and your health
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Work + Symptoms = Hard Work 


  • You ALREADY feel like your juggling your work, symptoms, life, finances, relationships,¬†and are sure there is an easier way
  • You've scoured the internet for a way to make it all work, only to find dull, boring, and piecemeal¬†info¬†that never¬†actually shows you how to solve this riddle
  • You know you've gotta talk to the boss at some stage, but keep putting it off because you don't know exactly what to say

... But how can you actually navigate the workplace, with your chronic illness in tow?




They just end up muddling through, feeling completely overwhelmed by trying to do All.The.Things.

So, how do you...


Front up to the boss and try and explain your illness, even when some days you don't even know what it's doing



Navigate the minefield of policies and legislation to find precisely what you are and aren't entitled to



Fit into the cookie cutter workplace when there is nothing about your health that is cookie cutter



But the worst part? 

Week after week, you’re left exactly where you started. Stretched thin as medical gauze, dreading how you'll get through the next week, unsure how to get to your appointments and deliver at work, and wondering if you'll ever be able successfully balance your career and health so you can focus on the fun stuff in life like everyone else.


You get all up in your head with a few believable (but totally untrue) thoughts trying to sabotage your work-health balance before you've even stepped foot in the office.




Now, slow your scroll for a sec...




Finally, ace your work-health balance.

  • Not have to worry about¬†how you're going to get through the next week.
  • Be confident with your health situation (and not all up in your head).¬†
  • Negotiate like a pro¬†with your boss to get what your entitled to (and not a cent less!).
  • Finally understand how the¬†workplace works, instead of it working you.
  • Save your career and save your health,¬†at the SAME TIME.
I already know this is for me! $37

Sounds too good to be true?

It's not.


I know because I've done it. 

And I'm here to teach you how to as well.

Without a giant course to sit through...

Or 6 months of prep work...

Or needing to figure out the entire healthcare system or workplace laws...

Get the 4-Step process that shows you exactly how to ace your work-health balance in less than two hours. 


By a five-time open heart surgery survivor

For every work and health situation

Save your career and your health


Rave Reviews

"The Adulting Well at W.O.R.K Formula can save people's lives, and it can save people's careers"

It removes the fog of not knowing where to start so that you're able to create the best possible solution for yourself and your employer. The most empowering moment was when I understood that I don't have to lose a career entirely because I might not be able to fulfill an arbitrary aspect that might not necessarily be relevant to it. Proper communication and understanding what I can contribute is key.

- ELIZABETH, acing her work-health balance with Chronic Fatigue and Heart Disease in the Education sector

"Extremely helpful, anyone would gain knowledge, advice, tips and strategies from this mini course"

My work-life balance was unbalanced, I was working in a job that was ok but not where I wanted to be. This opened up my eyes, to have been more open and upfront to where I wished to go for work. The most practical part of the course was the ten tips to talk to your boss/ leader/ supervisor. Fantastic tips and great tips to have in plan. 

- LINDA, acing her work-health balance with Congenital Heart Disease as a Carer



The Adulting Well at W.O.R.K formula is unique in that it takes you step-by-step from being overwhelmed to navigating your work and health like PRO.


You gotta start somewhere, and it may as well be here! This gives you the basics of the course and my story.


See the Adulting Well at W.O.R.K formula in action, with real-world examples. Learn exactly where you and your boss are coming from (and it might not be as different a place as you think!) 


Start applying the Adulting Well at W.O.R.K formula to your situation. 

W - Worldview: Use tried-and-tested tools to align your health and career. Pinpoint exactly where your health is at right now. Not where you wish it was, but where it really is. And then OWN IT! 


O - Orientate: Find and understand every. single. thing. you are entitled to (and not cent less). Learn exactly how to mix and match your entitlements to your situation.


R - Relate: Negotiate like a pro with your boss and colleagues. Use word-for-word scripts, and bonus tips to set up a work-health balance that specifically suits you and your workplace.


K - Keep at it: Sometimes you gotta be persistent (or escalate your negotiations)! Learn tactics to deal with crap bosses and rubbish workplace cultures. Plus, your health might change, policies might change, you might get new entitlements... whatever it is, you've gotta keep at it.


The Adulting Well at W.O.R.K Formula arms you with the NO-FLUFF, to-the-point roadmap to ace your work-health balance. 


You're only going to have to spend a couple of hours setting up this repeatable process - wild, right?

The moment you join, you get instant access to the modules, plus all the updates I add when workplace laws change.



"The course reminded me that regardless of my chronic illness I deserve to be able to get all the opportunities in my work that everyone else does."

It has made me feel extra empowered to know what I am entitled to and how I can get it if needed. While I have excellent managers, it has made me aware of things like the types of leave I can access and that its ok to come back part time to begin with after surgery and make it work well for everyone.

- ANNA, acing her work-health balance with Congenital Heart Disease in the Health Care industry

"An informative and comprehensive step by step guide to balance work and Chronic illness."

This is Fantastic Elle! This resonates with me as I took a similar approach when I had to take extend medical leave.

- MAHAN, acing her work-health balance with Congenital Heart Disease.

And, of course, you get BONUSES

BONUS 1: Action Plan

Use actionable steps to implement the Adulting Well at W.O.R.K formula for your unique situation. With this plan, you'll:

  • Truly understand and embrace your worldview,¬†so you can navigate workplace dynamics authentically.
  • Explore your workplace, customising entitlements to strike the perfect balance for your needs.
  • Pull together an exact approach for talking to your boss and colleagues (word-for-word).
  • Know precisely where you need to stay focused and keep at it.

BONUS 2: Deep Dive Resources

Get step-by-step guides that show you exactly how to Adult Well at Work in precise detail:

  • 5 Ways to Find a Mental Health Professional
  • 5 Must-Read Workplace Policies
  • 5 Nice-to-Have Policies at Work
  • Work-Health Balance Options
  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Boss Chat
  • Word-for-Word Script to Talk to Your Boss
  • 9 Pathways to Get Help at Work
  • And MORE!

Here's what people have to say about Adulting Well

"This Adulting Well at W.O.R.K formula can save people's careers, and it can save people's health."

Elizabeth Botes

"Elle covers off on everything, and I mean everything...No detail is missed."

Jenna Cantamessa


The Adulting Well at Work Course

Is Waiting For You

here's how it works:

  • When you enroll, you get¬†INSTANT ACCESS¬† today.¬†Log in to the course in minutes, start watching through the modules, & apply as you go.
  • There are 6 modules¬†that you can work through in an afternoon, if you're keen - all videos are under¬†25 minutes.
  • Set¬†it up for how YOU like to learn:¬†Curl up on the couch and watch the videos,¬†or read the transcripts, or listen to it while your waiting to see the doctor!
  • The course is¬†fully functional on mobile, so you can pull it up anywhere any time.
I'm Ready to Adult Well at Work

Hi, I'm Elle Pendrick

When I was 21 and lining up for my 4th Open-heart surgery I was terrified!

Not only did I have to face yet another surgery, but this time I also had a to do it while holding down a job and going to uni. I had NO clue how to tell my boss, negotiate leave (what my leave entitlements even were), how to read a HR policy, what a phased return to work was... and flexible arrangements weren't really a thing back then.

I fumbled through and stuffed it up royally! My boss ended up more confused than me, I was ashamed of my illness, and I felt like I had nowhere to turn.

Safe to say, it was an utterly horrible experience.

Over the next decade I tried my best to hide my life long chronic illness. I used every trick I could find to try and not be seen as the 'sick' employee. The burden. The weakest link.

From fake tan to look less pale, and nail polish to cover my blue nails, I tried it all. I even got my work besties to cover for me when I needed a nap in my car at lunch time!

Then, when I was 33 I found out I needed my 5th open-heart surgery. It well and truly tested my resilience.

After I really wallowed and swam around in my feelings ‚Äď I gathered whatever crumbs of courage I had and scoured the internet desperately for a guide, for help, for something.

I found plenty of dry, boring, personality-less fact sheets filled with stuff I already knew. But I didn’t find a single thing that resonated with me.

After days of going round in circles it finally dawned on me. I already knew way more than all these fact sheets combined!

I knew I needed time out from work for the surgery and recovery. I knew roughly how much leave I'd need. I knew my leave balances and how to read HR policy.

And, now I wasn't an insecure 21 year old, I was a 33 year old Ministerial Adviser at Australian Parliament House!

So, I made the decision to OWN my situation and set myself up for success. 

I made the tough career decisions, I read and interpreted HR policy, then I negotiated an awesome outcome. I also lent into work resources like mental health support and educated my colleagues on my situation. 

It went so brilliantly, that I was working back as a Ministerial Adviser within 4 months! 

Since then, I used my experience as a blueprint for the next decade of my corporate working life.  

In between long-COVID, viruses, and other chronic illness bumps - I climbed the corporate ladder, earning six figured, and finally taught myself a rinse and repeat strategy for how to manage my work-health balance.    

I really wanted to share my story with you because it proved to me that by getting the right strategies in place, you can ace your work-health balance.  

And, now I'm determined to make sure no ever has to manage their career and chronic illness without a blueprint.

My Story


You've got questions... I've got answers

What happens if you DON’T do this? ...nothing changes

Your wellbeing is worth it! Step into the world on your own terms. Join the 'Adulting Well' community, and let's ace our work-health balance together. Don't be part of the group who hesitates; take action now.

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I'm confident that you'll find the guidance you need to ace your work-health balance in the Adulting Well at Work course.

So that's why if you purchase today, you'll have 7 days to dive into the content - risk free. If you find that you don't learn the skills you need to navigate your work and health and you're not 100% thrilled with the course, just reach out within 7 days of purchase and I will refund your $37.

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Here's what's inside:


Module 1: Kick off Your Path to adulting well

Module 2: The Adulting Well at W.O.R.K Formula In Action

Module 3: W - Worldview

Module 4: O - Orientate

Module 5: R - Relate

Module 6: K - Keep at it

Bonus 1: Personalised Action Plan

Bonus 2: Deep Dive Resources

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