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Get the 4-Step process that shows you exactly how to ace your work-health balance in precise detail. 

  • By a five-time open heart surgery survivor
  • For¬†every¬†work and health situation
  • Save your career and your health
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Hey there!

I'm Elle 

I'm a lady start up helping people with chronic illness, like you, to Adult Well.

After 5 open heart surgeries and 40 years of living with chronic illness, I'm here to show you all my practical tips, mindset tricks and have some fun along the way.

More About Me

Your Ultimate Surgery Success Guide

Australia's first (and only) all-in-one surgery guide and the go-to resource for tackling money, work, mindset, the healthcare system, recovery, and more! Everything’s broken down into simple actionable steps, relatable stories, nifty checklists, and handy scripts.



I've been where you are... 

After decades of struggling to navigate surgeries, money, work, and life while wrangling chronic illness I was frustrated and at my wits end.

Then I cracked the code to Adulting Well and I love teaching others how to as well.

I aced my 5th open heart surgery, earn 6 figures, climbed the corporate ladder, and am now giving you my cheat sheets.

At Adulting Well, you'll discover how to navigate the complexities of health, work, money, and life, all while having a laugh along the way.

No more bland resources! Buckle up for stories that resonate, actionable resources, and a community that gets you. 

Having chronic illness means you'll always struggle financially, right? WRONG!

Discover the 5 simple and actionable steps you can take right now to get financial stability, even with your chronic illness.

Finally find out what’s stopping you from having financial stability so you can eliminate it and live your dreams!

Get financial stability now

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Relax Already! It's a Massage, Not a Medical Procedure

Jun 23, 2024

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If you're navigating the path of chronic illness, your insights are pure GOLD!

We’ve created a survey to fine-tune Adulting Well, making it even more tailored to your needs.  

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