Ignite Change and Inspiration with Elle at Your Event!

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as five-time Open Heart Surgery Survivor, Elle, brings her motivational energy, captivating stories, and empowering insights to your stage.

From major keynotes that ignite the room to intimate workshops that foster deep connections, Elle tailors her message to fit every occasion. Whether you're seeking to master the work-health balance, navigate healthcare finances, or simply inspire your audience, Elle has something extraordinary in store just for you!

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Motivation and Inspiration

"I have heard thousands of talks, and Elle's was compelling, heartfelt, and beautiful. I was really, really impressed by her story and business." - Professor Andrew Coats AO, CEO of The Heart Research Institute.

Transform your event with a motivational speech by Elle. Her incredible journey of surviving five open heart surgeries and living with chronic illness for over four decades makes her an inspiring figure. With natural warmth and exceptional storytelling, Elle captivates audiences, encouraging them to embrace challenges, find their inner strength, and achieve their best. Elevate your event and leave a lasting impact with a speaker who truly understands and empowers.

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Navigating the Workforce with a Chronic Illness/ Hidden Disability

"Elle's speech broadened my lens, also reinforced, the value of communication by all parties and the importance of asking for help." - Jodie, Australian Bureau of Statistics

"Elle was very natural and informative. Sharing her story was valuable, I felt like it had the right level of detail.  It was great that Elle spoke about specific tools that are available in the ABS." - Charmaine, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Harnessing over 20 years of experience, including from a management perspective, Elle delivers a game-changing presentation or workshop that uniquely educates both employees and employers. she uses the exclusive W.O.R.K. Formula to give real-world and practical examples:

W - Worldview check-in

O - Orientate yourself

R - Relate to your boss 

K - Keep at it

 With her dynamic approach, Elle provides audiences with practical strategies they can implement immediately, fostering a workplace culture that embraces inclusivity and productivity. 

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The Adulting Well MIND Workshop

"A huge thank you to Elle for the workshop. Her delivery was so accessible, open and incredibly authentic. Elle's vulnerability and openness created a safe space for everyone (many of whom didn't know each other)". - Shelly Parer, MS Plus

"The workshop was a great reminder of tools I'd forgotten I had, and inspiration and ideas for others. The presentation helped me know how to put it into practice. The steps are logical and easy to remember. It's a plan for success, without realising you are planning." - Kelly Brown, adulting well with MS

Empower your community to transform from merely doing their best to truly being their best with robust Mindset Toolkits. Through Elle's distinctive M.I.N.D. Method, participants will be guided step-by-step in creating their personalised toolkit:

M - Master the science and concepts of the mind and body

I - Identify exactly what your mind and body are communicating

N - Nominate the right tool to respond effectively

D - Develop your personal mindset toolkit

Attendees will leave equipped with practical tools to better manage their mental and physical health.

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Keynote Speeches

"The Australian National Standards for Childhood-onset Heart Disease were launched at Parliament House, Canberra in February.  Elle Pendrick spoke at the launch, described the experience of patients with congenital heart disease, and provided astute insights into the patient journey and the importance of the National Standards. The attendees were spellbound by her story and how the evolution of support and care options can change the lives of affected families and patients throughout life." - Professor Gary Sholler AM, Paediatric and Fetal Cardiologist

Elevate your event with Elle’s bespoke keynote speeches, tailored to your conference theme. Elle delivers motivational energy, compelling storytelling, and actionable insights. Her dynamic presentations can focus on corporate culture, medical and health topics, healthcare finances, or simply inspiring your audience. Whether for a large conference or an intimate gathering, Elle’s unique approach will leave your audience buzzing with inspiration and ready to implement practical strategies for success.

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Get ready to elevate your event to extraordinary heights. Elle's motivational energy, captivating stories, and empowering insights will leave your audience buzzing with inspiration.